Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~ Wilder Tower ~

For many of you who view this blog may or may not know that I do scrapbooking. If you go to my profile, you would see that I do. Also in the title of this blog (b2cp3s2w) it says S2 which standes for scrapbooking and swimming, a few of my interests.
Anyway, I was looking through one of my scrapbooks and came to the page about the Teen Trip I took in 2008 with some of the teens from the youth group at my church, along with our youth director and his wife. Well, we traveled from Hudson, Florida and ended up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a BIG Impact Youth Conference. But in between we stopped at several places, like Rossville, Georgia. Very near the Chickamaguaga Battlefield. :) .
So while we were staying in Pastor's Quarters at Victory Baptist Church, we went to different places, including a beautiful waterfall and other places. Well the girls and I decided to go with our youth director to go get breakfast. The boys were.... well .... sleeping or goofing off, so in that case, the didn't get to go. OK, so there wasn't really any reason to take all 5. ( there were 3 girls and 2 boys that went. )

So just the girls and the youth director went. While we were on the road, our youth director decided to go to the battlefield while we were at it. That's where I saw and took a picture of the Wilder Tower. Which is in my scrapbook. So, after all those words, we get to the point. I saw the tower, took a picture, developed it, [ Thank the genius who invented disposable camera's for the kids who don't have a digital camera but, hey, I don't really need one. I'd take one to MANY pictures If I had one. ] and put it in my scrapbook.
That's what all this jabber jabber is about.
Jumpin' Jeppers, why did I tell you all of this? Will NEVER be known.


Wilder Tower

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