Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Is Your List?

Do you have a list in life that has things on it that you have always wanted to do? What is on that list? Are you going to do it or just keep saying so but never do it?
Let me say, you will only live on earth once so get that list out, complete it, and do it!
Here is my list that I wrote. It is going to be a 100 list but I only got half of it done. I hope you enjoy reading what I'M gonna do in my life!

1. Fly on a plane
2. Feed an alligator
3. Visit the Gaza Pyramid in Egypt
4. Go to Australia
5. Throw a rock at car
6. Go dumpster diving just for fun
7. Ride a subway train
8. Go diving
9. Ride an air ballon
10. Go parasailing
11. Learn to surf
12. Wreck a car
13. Swim with dolphins
14. Be in a music video
15. Visit a movie set
16. Go to Ground Zero
17. Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge
18. Shoot a mole
19. Visit a random factory
20. Go to a stranger's wedding
21. Ride Manta at Seaworld
22. Design a dress
23. Make 6 digits
24. Touch an octopus
25. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
26. Get married
27. Blow up a car
28. Go bungie jumping
29. Save a life
30. Donate blood
31. Own a house
32. Visit Wall Street
33. Cook silverware in a microwave
34. Catch a butterfly
35. Go cow tipping
36. Watch monks sing live
37. Visit the great Taj Mahal
38. Knock someone out
39. Gallop a horse
40. Drive a tractor
41. Stand under a plane when it lands
42. Scream at the top of my lungs
43. Get a picture of me standing in front of the Hollywood Sign
44. Slide down a banister
45. Go movie hopping
46. Go ding-dong ditchin'
47. Throw a huge party!
45. Learn a foreign language [French or Romanian]
49. Jump out of a plane
50. Go ice skating
51. Learn to ride a streetbike
52. Get my drivers license
53. Get a plane ticket to the next plane flying out (Featured on "Yes Man")
54. Visit the Red Carpet
55. Go to the Dove Awards
56. Meet Will Smith

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little Precious

The last Friday of January, we got a new kitten. A 5wk. old Domestic Short-Haired and Munchkin mix. She was adorable. After a few days of having her, my dad gave her a name. "Precious" because she was precious. All she wanted was to be held. She would climb up my leg till I picked her up. Then she would climb up to my neck and cuddle....shortly after, she would fall asleep. She was a cuddler. All she wanted was to be petted, held, and fed. Little Precious became my Little Princess.
I already have a kitty named Tinker. When the new arrival came, she was hissing and snarling because a cute tiny kitten was invading "her" territory. After about 2 days, Tinker became the watch-cat. She would follow Precious around and stop to sniff her once in a while.
Then things turned for the worse.....

Tuesday, Tinker stayed near Precious' box. She began to play with the edge of the box, scratching, chewing and pawing. She then got behind the box and started to push it. She pushed the box halfway to the fridge, stopped, got on her hind legs, and looked in the box. Once satisfied, she pushed the box till it touched the fridge.
This was interpreted as, Tinker knew something was wrong with Precious and tried to get her out as Precious' mom would most likely do.
Precious was not properly weaned. She was taken from her mommy to soon. At 5wks, she was not prepared to take on life by herself. We couldn't help her. That day, she stopped drinking and eating. My mom and dad gave her some medicine that night only to find out nothing would work.
That night, Febuary 2th, we lost Precious. Most likely because she wasn't weaned and needed her mommy and her mommy's milk.
Precious is now at Rainbow Bridge. We will miss her but I know she is happy and healthy now that she crossed Rainbow Bridge.