Monday, August 10, 2009

HIDE AND try to SEEK me!

So, it all started yesterday, about ten minutes before we had to be at church for the evening service. Well the kitty isn't allowed to be out in the rest of the house because we can't trust her. The reason why is because she like to roam and when we leave, she jumps up onto the counter tops in the kitchen and gets her cute little nose into everything. My grandmother has seen it before. So, can't say its never happened. Anyway, I started looking for the kitty and I couldn't find her. So I told mom and we looked everywhere. But, not the place where she was :) . I even spilled some of her food into a treat canister and rattled it because every other time she comes running to receive a treat. That didn't work. In a matter of fact, nothing worked. So we had no choice but to leave because we had to be at church.

So after church we come home and as soon as I take off my shoes and put my purse, Bible, and notebook down, I immediately start looking for her. This time I started in my brother's room. My mom suggested that I should look into the closet. So I quickly went to the closet, and look under the dressers and around them never thinking that she could be laying on top of the long dresser. So I say, "she's not in here"! And I was about to back out and I noticed a paw hanging over the edge of the dresser on top. So I take a peek under all the suits to try to get a glimpse of what it is, AND THERE LAYS TINKER!!!!

I was SO mad at her. I think she hides on purpose and later laughs at me because I couldn't find her. So in that case, Tinker's new initials are now, T.T which standes for Tinker Belle Trouble. Funny huh.
Anyway, why I didn't post this yesterday..... well..... just don't ask. I don't feel like making an excuse to sound like an answer :) .

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