Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today it rained off and on. I like it when it rains because I love the sound of it when is falls onto the roof. Also I like it because I know my garden is getting plenty of water. :)
But, aside all of that; rain. What a neat creation. I think rain is truly amazing. Not only is it pretty but its made of water (which I believe everyone knows). Today while I was 'cleaning' my room I was thinking about water. Water is actually scarce in some country's. Here we have the luxury to take a shower, get a glass of water, bathe the cat or dog, soak your feet, water your garden or make Kool-Aid whenever we want. I've actually have gone through an ordeal where there was no water available to do those things above(except the glass of water). So I can say for the most part, I know what it is like.

Next time it rains in your area, think how much it really means. You can actually see something for once that no matter what, you would never be able to create. Only God can. Definently not the smartest scienctist.

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