Monday, July 27, 2009

Me being sick on the last days of camp.

Well, I haven't been home for weeks and as of now, I'm not home either. So, right now I'm on my Grammi's computer. Ya!!!
Well, camp was very cool. At least until Thursday at camp which was the 9th. That day after dinner I got really sick. So I walked to the cabin and went to bed. I was rudely awaken by my bunk buddy next to me. So I got up, and got dressed and then we went to church at the camp. During the whole sermon and everything, I was crying. My stomach hurt so bad. So after church was over, Miss. Lee (One of the girls counselor) took me to the nurse station. There I was given Pepto Bismo tablets. Those were NASTY! Anyway, I walked back to the cabin and slept. I woke up just in time to have the Pepto Bismo tablets kick in. The result, I threw up all over my bed. I was a total mess. I climbed down from the bunk and started crying really hard. Miss. Teresa (Another counselor) told me to go take a shower because I had stuff all over me. So I took a shower and meanwhile they stripped the bed and took the bedding to the wash room to wash. Then one of the room counselor (either Miss. Amy or Miss. Lindsey) ran to the nurse office to get some more sheets.
I was still sick for several more days. On Saturday the 11th I was running a 102.3 fever.
That was over 2 weeks ago but I still have a cough. Oh well...

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