Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why This Name?

Why did I name my blog B2CP3S2W?
Well because,
B= Butterflys and Books (that's why the 2)
C= Cats. I adore them... Specially my kitty Tinker.
P= Puzzles, Purple, and Piano. I love to solve puzzles whether its on the computer, a board game like Clue, or one of them poster kinds. I absolutely love the color purple and I know how to play the piano (Its one of my talents).
S= Scrapbooking and Swimming . When I'm bored and have pictures on hand I like to scrapbook them. I own three scrapbooks. I love to swim. The water feels so good and I just love to cannonball people. :)
W= Waterfalls. These are one of the neatest most peaceful things I think God created. I love the way the water falls off cliffs or down a rocky ledge and falls into a pool of water or a river ect.
To me they are very peaceful.
So, I combined all of these things and we (my dad and I) came up with B2CP3S2W.
I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to making blog friends!

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