Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today the unexpected thing accured. I have these little glass cups (they are quite fancy) sitting on my piano in my bedroom. Now, my piano has a pink sheet over it to keep the dust from going on it. Why? Because I'm SICK and TIRED of DUSTING!!!
So, the reason why I have the glass cups on my piano it too keep the sheet from falling down. There are filled with CLEAN rocks. That's for the weight of course. Anyway, I figured the sheet would keep Tinker off because she likes to sleep on the cover. Again, Anyway, this morning roughly about 7:00, I woke up to a CRASH! So I sit up. Like anybody else would do. The way my bed it positioned, I have direct eye view toward the piano. So I look up and there's Tinker standing amidst broken glass, rocks and little glass beads. (I put the glass beads in there for pretties. Rocks are p-l-a-i-n.) Man, was I mad. I probably said "I hate you" at least a dozen times. (Afterwards, I told her I was sorry. I figured I hurt her little feelings because her ears and tale was DOWN.)
Why I am telling you this. I don't know. Maybe its because Evil Kitty strikes back again. Like the Emperor Strikes Back on Star Wars.
Or maybe its because its another incident. Emphasis on incident.

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