Thursday, June 11, 2009

My EVIL Kitty

I have a cute kitty named Tinker. Well, don't let her adorable looks give you a GOOD impression. You have to watch her. First thing she's all lovey dovey than second thing she goes ARGH and she try's to BITE you. Believe me, its happened to me SEVERAL times. Anyway, she's 8 months old and her birthday is August 18 (She was born in 2008). Her breed is Domestic Short-haired and she's Tortoise shelled, which means she has all kinds of different colors for her coat. She has a defective paw. Well, not really. Its just a totally different color. All her other paws are black with brown but, that one back paw is a butterscotch color. My family and I are always saying we should paint it so it could match the others. Of course, we're just joking.
But, don't let me change the subject. Let me tell you what she did several days ago.
She has this thing about sitting in the windowsills and looking out side like all cats. Well, I don't see any problem with that. On the window there is this little piece of plastic that sticks up about oh... maybe two inches or more. Its there so when you shut the window, it seals it completely. Well, when she sits on the windowsill, she try's to get her WHOLE body between the screen and the piece of plastic, for there is about two or three inches between the two. So as she sits there hunched between the two. Well, after a while the screen comes lose. And it did, but at night. When she's SUPPOSED to be SLEEPING! Well, all of sudden during the night, I heard this ripping sound. Puzzled, I got up, turned on my bedroom light and what'd you. Tinker is LITERALLY TEARING AND PULLING THE SCREEN RIGHT OUT OF ITS FRAME! I WAS SHOCKED!!!! So there she was. In a hunched position ready to jump out of the window. First thing I thought of was High-Rise Syndrome. So I got up, grabbed her, quickly shut the window, and then I got bad. There I was. In my pj's, holding the cat, looking at the ruined screen. Man, I was MAD. Lucky that cat knows how to look so cute at you (right in the eyes of course) so you begin to feel bad for her. So I locked her in her cage and waited till I went asleep. So, the next morning I got up, let the cat out, fed her, got her some water and then I look at the damaged screen. That evening, I told my dad about it when he got home from his job. Lucky for me and Tinker, he's skilled and talented for fixing things. He fixed it in a matter of minutes. We still called Tinker, "Evil Kitty". Anyway, thank you for reading my little story. I hope it brought you to laughing. It sure didn't for me though.

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