Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Tribute to Ray Mak

YouTube. When you see the word YouTube, most people think of it as a website that has funny videos, movies and short clips not to mention music videos. But when you think of YouTube, does talent ever come to mind? Do you even realize that there are people out there who has so much talent?? I have come across some extremely talented people. The one I want to mention is Ray Mak.

Ray has been playing the piano since he was a young child. Even though he has had highly educated teachers to teach him piano, he was not able to master the one crucial thing; note reading. Therefore sheet music is no use to him. But that didn't keep him back. Instead of using sight, he uses feeling and ears to create some of the most breathtaking piano covers you will ever hear. He listens and follows closely to the bass and drum beats of every song and in turn, he produces extremely beautiful music. Not only does he follow closely to the sound, he improvises alot with songs. You know, experimenting. He adds many touches to songs to make them his.
Ray is also very generous. Coming from a different background, one of his wishes are to learn the top songs from all different countries.
I personally think that Ray is one of the most kindest persons ever with a great personality. Even though I have not personally met him, I can sense it from the way he writes and plays.

Not only is he passionate of music, he is also highly experienced with the sport, Tae Kwon Do. He not only practices it, but he also teaches. I wish to say more on this subject but to be honest, I'm not very familiar with Tae Kwon Do. xD

These past few days, I had the option to favorite every one of his awesome piano covers and in return he would play the song of my choice. And that I did. But not because I could have the chance of him playing any song I requested but because I'm a huge fan. I strongly believe that everybody's dream should come true. And if I could help make it come true in any way, I would do just that. So, I spent MANY hours [and spent 2 days] watching every single video he ever uploaded and favoriting them along with saving them in my own playlist called Refresh 2.0. To be honest, I did not come across one video that I didn't like. All I saw was passion. It was amazing. Some of the videos I couldn't see him actually playing [due to his camera angle] but I sure could hear. The sounds that came from my headphones [with sound on full blast... xD] was just beautiful! But as I was saying earlier, I favorited and saved every one and in return he uploaded a cover of the song I requested...

...and he did a beautiful job didn't he?!
So, I want to just say thank you. Thank you Ray for continuing to upload beautiful videos. You are a continuing encourager. You encourage me to never give up. I myself is a pianist. All though I'm not the world's best player *grin* but I can still play somewhat. Everyday when I get home from school [If I don't go to sleep instead]I find myself going to YouTube to see if by chance there was a new video from Makhonkit. Most of the time I do....so I treat myself for 5 minutes. =)

There is also something else I would like to mention. His website. You can go on it and find tutorials, MP3 downloads, along with his bio ect. Please make sure to go and visit!
( Make sure you save it to your favorites that way you can visit often! )

Also, please support him. If you have a youtube account, look him up and subscribe, favorite, share, and comment! He needs your support. If you don't have an account...then make one. Even if the only friend and subscriber you have is him, believe me.....its worth it! =)

Now, as I close this post I would like to say something on my behalf...

Dear Ray.
As a fellow pianist, I know the struggles every pianist goes through. I know what its like to be lost [been there and still sometimes there] and not know what to do. I also know what its like to hear someone give you a compliment. Goodness, I LOVE them! It makes you feel like you are accomplishing a great deal. And that you are. As you continue to post video after video, I can tell you have come an extremely long way. You have advanced and have gotten better and better.
There will always be people who will bring you down. Maybe with a rude comment or something of that sort. Please don't listen to them. I learned it the hard way. Whenever someone would tell me I'm good but not great, I would get an attitude. I would say bizarre things like, "I want to sell my piano" or "I quit." There have been times when I refused to play. Refused to learn. But there was always someone who would tell me that I was the best! [Thanks Dad =)] That's what kept me going. Maybe not going strong as I should, but I was going. You continue to encourage me. And I'm still going. In the near future, I hope to be able to get a video camera that way I can upload videos just like you do! You are a good role model for the piano. I hope to get better and better. I always am checking your website for tutorials. I do admit, they are a challenge because I have to figure out what the chords are (I don't know my chords. :/ ) and rely on http://www.dchords.com/ to help me with that and I also give my ears a workout with figuring out the melody but its a challenge. I'm always a competitor to challenges. So, I give you my support and many hugs. Keep doing what your doing!

Life isn't easy. Its
meant to have challenges. They shape and train you. If life for you was easy,
you wouldn't be going anywhere. You would just stay in the same spot. Challenges
are what moves you forward. - J.

P.S. Ray, if anything is wrong...please let me know by commenting or writing a message that way I can fix it! Thank you!

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