Monday, August 23, 2010

The Bounty Hunter

Hello peoples readin my blog? Like the new design? I think its pretty sweet! Haha. By the way, soon I will be adding some music! And yes, it will play automatically so speakers on as loud as they can go!!! (I'm deff kidding bout the speaker part!) at school, we did pullups. I think he graded my paper 'E' fo Effort (Not really...I don't know what he graded it). YES! I DID accomplish my goal. It was;
  • 1 Pullup

......and I did it! And then I just...hung there for like....10sec and then jumped down and tried it again. I didn't make a '2.' But hey, I TRIED! I was gonna keep tryin to but Coach called the next person. :/

Tomorrow, we will be doin a 50yrd dash. I just had to google that to make sure just how far that actually was.....I wasn't quite sure. ;) But anyway....I'm excited!!! I just have to ask my mom if I can borrow her sneakers. My skateboard shoes won't do so well running. LOL that I wrote alot of blah, blah, blah stuff....lets get to the point of this post!!

I don't know if you got the idea or not, but I don't have any thing to post. So, I just saw an AD for the movie Bounty Hunter. I decided to write a little something.

Its was an extremely HILARIOUS movie! I loved it! So yea....its a definite watch! Here's the trailer!

Well...that's all!!!

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