Saturday, August 21, 2010


Wow. Its been a week since school has started. Due to privacy (and the fact that there are still pedopiles out there) I'm gonna keep the name of my school private. =) I was saying, its been a whole week of getting up early, sitting through 6 periods of classes [I'll talk about that later] and then a early bedtime.
So...let's just was a sleep in day. I get up during the week at 5am. Today, 7am. So, I don't think you would call that....sleepin in. LOL classes are pretty neat. NOT! Lol. Here's the list
  • ASL [American Sign Language]
  • English
  • Physical Science
  • Lunch/Seminar
  • Information to Technology
  • Algebra 1A
  • H.O.P.E

Yes, that is my daily schedual. I even put them in order! Lol. Anyway....ASL and Tech is my FAVORITE classes. I love them. Even though Tech is a lot of note takin, its pretty neat learnin about all the computer and technology. If you say your smarter than me with computers, SHUT UP. Hahaha. Cause I'm gonna be smarter than you. Ok....nevermind. I'm not gonna do any rub-in-the-face. Cause that's not exactly...well....nice. Lol.

Anyways....I will keep you updated! Haha. Maybe.....I'v been pretty pathetic at updating. Oh well.......

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