Sunday, December 5, 2010


You're at school, on the computer, and you're so desperately wanting to check your tweets, FB, MySpace, or even hear some tunes on Youtube. But, its all blocked. So, the question is, "Can you get past the server?" Yes, yes you can! Its actually quite easily. There are some people who read this blog (a.k.a my MOM) that I don't want them to know some of these sites...[long story ;) ]

So...I found this ''group'' called the camoList! This group creates proxy sites daily for us high school kids. Not so much middle school...everybody knows that they are watched while surfin' the web!\
I found well over 30 different sites today which is like a miner finding gold!
Anyway...I just want to say that these sites do exist and you can watch your youtube at school for those kids who can't stand to be off the web for 7 hours [Guilty as charged]!
Just because I'm nice, I'll give ya the name's of 3 different sites!
  1. browse007
  2. remainhidden
  3. studyhallhelp
These sites will not work unless you put https:// before the name and of course, don't forget the .com!

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