Saturday, December 4, 2010


In the next up-coming 2 weeks, there will be a lot of time spent in front of the textbook, for exams will be starting soon! So, for those who have exams coming, make sure you study and know the work for hard work pays off! These past 5 months of school sure have gone by so quickly! The year is practically half over! All my hard work of studying, submitting homework early or on time, and receiving good grades on quizzes and tests have been a very big highlight of the school year! I must say, even though I have a 4.0 GPA, I will continue to study so when my exams start, I will be prepared!

Something I have had trouble figuring out in the past weeks is what your GPA (Grade Point Average) is and how to figure it out for eSembler doesn't tell you! So, here's the chart and how to calculate it!

The "Scale"
  • A = 4
  • B = 3
  • C = 2
  • D = 1
  • F = 0
The "Classes & Grades"

  1. ASL 1 = A
  2. English I = A
  3. Physical Science = A
  4. Intro. to Info. Tech. = A
  5. Algebra 1a = A
  6. H.O.P.E. = A
The "Calculation"

Step 1:

Each 'A' is worth 4. You would multiply your total amount of classes by what each point of your grade is in those classes.
EX: I have 6 'A's in all of my classes so you would multiply 4 by 6 which equals 24. [ 4 x 6 = 24. ]

Step 2:

You would then divide your total amount of points [your total in Step 1] by how many classes you have.
EX: I have 6 classes, a total of 24 points. Twenty-four divided by 6 equals 4. [ 24/6 = 4 ]

My GPA for the 6 classes I take is a 4.0.

P.S. You can also visit to receive your GPA.

Hard work pays off in the end

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