Thursday, December 16, 2010


So...yesterday while I was watching TV...we heard our dog barking at something outside. So we looked out and there was a horse. Well....because my dog was barking at it...the horse got skittish. The guy, who was walking the horse down the road, was just holding it meanwhile the horse was stomping his feet and you could tell he was pretty angry. As I kept watching, all of sudden, the horse runs down the road cause he ''gets loose'' [I really think the guy let him go but that's my opinion]. Haha! Nothing like seeing a HORSE RUNNING DOWN A ROAD!!!

Today, we had our exam pt. 1 in Science. The whole period I only got 30 questions and in Seminar, I got 11 done. These exams are just so new to me...I didn't even know how to properly fill out the paper [it seems that you just color in the bubble. Lol] So tomorrow, we'll be starting the rest of the exam and finishing the part we started today!

So...I'M STUDENT OF THE MONTH! Haha. The prize was a certificate and a pass to 5 free games [basketball, soccer...]! :D Thanks to my awesome teacher for nominating me and for all my teachers for saying a bunch of good stuff. If I remember correctly, I always turn in assignments on time, good attitude, always smiling, being a hard worker and being eager to learn! Yup...that's me! ;)

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