Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Three F's

Well today I went to church and my Pastor preached an exciting message on "Are You Happy?". When the sermon ended I wrote in my Bible, "The Three F's to be happy".
Because this was a very interesting message to me, I figured I would tell you my notes I wrote.

"Are You Happy?"
-If you're not right with God, how can you be happy?
-People should live by faith, not fate.
Psalm 146
1. Focus on the happenings from God.
2. Find the Biblical ingredients in the Bible and apply them to your daily life.
3. Figure yourself to be happy.

"We focus on things we don't have then what we do have therefore we are not happy."
Focus on the things that God allowed you to go through or have.
Find the things you need to hear or see in the Bible to help you with what you are going through.
Figure yourself to be happy with the things you have gone through, what you have, and what is going to happen because no matter what, you can always be happy through the hardest times and also the easiest times with the LORD right by your side.
So...focus, find, and figure.

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