Thursday, December 24, 2009

Richer or Poorer

This Christmas there are a lot of people celebrating with a grand meal, lots of expensive presents, family from all around, near and far and huge trees decorated with beautiful ornaments.
There are also people who are homeless. They probably won't have a decent meal to satisfy their hungry needs, a warm bed with cozy blankets to warm them in the cold winter night. They probably won't have a single present and they won't be having a decorated tree. They are going to be alone, tired, and hungry. Nobody will probably say Merry Christmas. And if so, they will probably be thinking, "It isn't a merry Christmas, its a sad Christmas."
No family or friends. Only cardboard to sleep on, food that has been scavenged from behind restaurants or dumpsters. There will only be loneliness, tears, and coldness.
Christmas is tomorrow. I ask that you take just a couple of minutes and think of the people who will not be fortunate this Christmas.

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