Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Church vs. Homework

Blogging in Tech:

Ok, I just found one thing I DON'T like about school. Book reports! Who does these? I'v never done one before so its really new. So, now I have to figure out a book I want to 'report' on and I also have to do another assignment like making a poster or doing a powerpoint presentation that goes along with the book I chose. Not bad right? Haha.
Also, I have to write a 200-300 word "essay" on 3 things I would like to change about myself [For P.E] and why. So I also have to work on that. UGH! I also have to do some math homework in Science. Yuck....on top of ALL of that, I have church tonight. I don't think I'll be going. Way to much homework that is due tomorrow. Church vs. Homework...wonder who's going to win?!

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