Thursday, May 27, 2010

Solving a Video Problem all you most likely know that Google owns YouTube and has been making some pretty huge layout changes. Well....whenever you wanna move a video off of YouTube and place it on another server (a.k.a. website) you use the embedded URL codes. So....I posted another video off of YouTube onto here and they changed the height/width to 580 and 360 which is MUCH to large for least for my particular layout! So...what is the solutions to changing the problem? Well....I went ahead and changed to HTML codes! The particular one that works that I found is this.
Width: "340"
Height: "285"
There are two places where the height and width show up on the embedded URL format so make sure you replace each place with the correct format or else you'll have a couple "little" problems! Anyway...I just wanted to share my solutions to you that way you can keep using YouTube videos that fit your Layout Format

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