Friday, May 14, 2010

Penpals, school...ect.

Wow! Its has been sooo very long since I last posted on my blog! That's really bad! Lol. Well, sorry for the wait. Since school it out, I'm gonna try posting much much much more often! Lol. So, this is basically an update of what's going on in my life!
First thing, SCHOOL! Well....I finished April 30th with passing grades! My prize? A beautiful Tanzanite ring that I get to go to Mexico to get! How awesome it that? Anyway....moving on!
Lately I'v gotten attached to this one website called, Interpals. Basically its a website where you make a profile and then make friends with people all over the world and maybe even exchange address' and write each other letters! =) Well, it worked for me perfectly! I have a total of 6 penpals now! Here's where they are from!
- Germany
- Colorado
- Illinois
- Conneticut
- Russia
- Italy
That is really I-M-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N-N-A-N-T!! Which leads right into the next topic! Lol
Let me just say....French is a really cool language! So...therefore I decided to learn French for 2010 in my own! I will also be learning Spanish a an elective in High School but I'm gonna get taught that so that dosen't really count! Why does French count though? Cause I'm gonna learn it by myself! =) So far I'v only learned really basic words such as;
- Merci Beaucoup (Thank You Very Much)
- Bonjour or Salut (Hello)
- Impressionnant (Awesome)
- Votre Accueil (Your Welcome)
- Au revoir [Instead of saying that I just say, "bye bye"] (Bye)

See, pretty basic! Lol. But hey....its still French! So, as I learn to prounce and spell French, I'll let ya'll know what words I learn next! Keep you =)
Well....moving on! Lol
Recently my Green Thumb has gotten greener (creepy!) Hehe! Well....Lowes is definently my garden buddy! =) Hehe. I recently bought begonias, vincas, impatiens, 1 african marigold, petunias and 7 bags of soil! go to the clearance area in the garden section and pick out the greenest plants. You buy bags of soil that has holes in it cause they are MARKED DOWN! can buy a bunch of stuff and get it fro practically nothing! Its called saving! in the economy prices are going UP and not DOWN! So, how do you get a lot but spend very little.
How to do it?
- Clearence
The merchandise may have holes in it but its still good! Like bags of regular top soil. Price, (Estimate) about $1.20....cause it has holes! Only about $.60! Now that a deal! Buy the annuals at the clearance/marked down section in your garden store. Annuals do die when the freeze hits so before that happens, take several clippings off the plant (As long as they are succulents) and place them in doors in a container of water! Roots will grow but keep them indoors till all fear of frost is over! Then plant them outside in your garden! Simple and easy but saves a lot of money!
Also....the best time to go to the store is on Mondays and Tuesdays. Why? Cause they put 3x more stuff on the Clearance area! NEVER go on Saturday's or Friday's!
- Sales
Stores do have sales you know! When you go to the store, try to but items that are only on sale. When you do find things that are on sale (And are non-perishable) BUY 3x MORE! You want to stock up as much as you can but remember to always have a budget and make sure you buy only however much you can use! Example, Cereal! Its non-perishable! If its, buy 1 get 1 free, get several of them cause each box will be half of the original price! That's a deal! When you want to buy things like toilet paper or paper towels, if you look at the unit price on each price tag where the item is located, buy the one that has more quanity of the item but is the cheepest! Scott toilet paper. Don't buy the 4 pack, by the super big one! That way you ave MUCH more than what you need to buy and it will be awhile before you have to buy some more! Along with paper towels! See, simple things like clearance items ans sales at stores can save you!
- Coupons
Well...this one is very simple! Get your local paper and gather all the coupons! Go through them and save any of them that you can use! Then when you go will save because you have coupon$! Make sure to be friendly though! Clip the ones you can't use and place them in the grocery store! That way if someone stumbles upon them, they can save like you did!
- Yard Sales
"A man's junk can be another man's treasure!" Always go to yard sales if you can! People will buy stuff cause they HAVE to have it. Then they can't use it! So they sale it next to nothing!

Well...I sure hoped you liked what I had to say! Just let me remind you, everything above I wrote myself....see how smart I am! :) read about what's going on so PLEASE leave a comment and tell me what you think!
Merci! Well...that's all!

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