Saturday, January 2, 2010

No snow in Florida so we're having a bon-fire!

Good ol' Florida. January 2nd and there is NO SNOW! Ya, I'd was getting COLD when you move away from the fire. Tonight, it is going to be 29 degrees which means we are going to have a freeze . Not good for my garden plants so I covered my plants with some warm blankets and I'm really hoping they won't die. Here are some pictures of the fire we had today!

Pretty nice and warm looking.........and it was fun roasting(Actually, I burned just about every marshmallow I tried roasting. Till don't have the "Roasting Marshmallow" thing accomplished) marshmallows. I also got a bunch of sticks and made a sad looking tepee out of them and had a little fire going some feet away from the fire pictured above. Reason why I made my own little fire... was because the big fire was way too hot for my liking.

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