Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just Something 2 Say

I haven't really been faithful to my blogs lately all though I've added some new videos featuring David Meece! excuse. Anyway, I had several things to do in school so I ended up finishing latter than I anticipated today. That's OK long as you get your work done and get good grades.

Today happens to be Wednesday which means to church I go at 6:00 p.m. .


Soo not excited. There happens to be a slightly small problem though. You may not be feelin' up to goin' to church right now but when you get there you have a blast. LOL. Haven't really figured out the reason for that. Anyway, I'll have a great time right now till shower time. Have you ever realized that taking a shower and eating is such a waste of time. I complain every time even though I know I shouldn't. But, I know that I will have fun (Going to 180 that is). As of right now, I'm going to tweet and skip around on YouTube! Ain't that such a great expression.

Tomorrow I'll once again try to post something but I AM NOT promising. Maybe I'll tell you all about the most wonderful show called Bonanza. I could watch that show all day but I usually get a nice pounding headache....and yes, I have watched Bonanza all day once but ended up regretting that I ever did.............let's just say I got a nice little warning from a migraine headache not to ever do it again.

Look at this FAT cat!!!!! Found it on Google Images. ITS HILARIOUS!!!!

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