Sunday, April 24, 2011

Think About THIS

I'm SO sick of all the dipsticks in Washington [D.C]. $4 dollar gas prices effect a 16 yr. old too. It's called wanting to go places but can't cause it's a waste of gas. One thing I know is my dad's paycheck isn't going up like the gas & food prices. It's shameless how I'm the only teenager [that I know of] that actually knows what's REALLY going on in my own country. Why can't the younger generation stand up for America? Obviously the adults aren't . . .

All I'm saying is, it's up to us teenagers on how the future of our country goes. In 2 years, I'll be old enough to vote. What about all you out there? Who are you gonna vote for for the future of our own country. You gonna listen to what people tell you like the "HOPE & CHANGE" dumbo? I see change all right Obama . . . high gas prices . . . amazing how its over $1.50 just for a dozen of EGGS! Don't you realize this? As gas prices rise, it will take MORE money to fill your tank. How about the trucking industry? They take diesel . . . which is expensive! They need more money . . . and how do they get that? Therefore all the food prices rise. We're in a major depression right now . . . and a HUGE inflation! Did you know that? I know public school doesn't teach about it . . . instead Romeo & Juliet, Evolution, and Literal Equations are more important. Seriously? When will we use that stuff when we grow up?

I was home-schooled from 1st grade to 8th grade. In that time period . . . I learned more than the average graduate of a high school-er that has been in government school all their life. Don't believe me? Research it yourself. I'll tell you this, I DO have a 4.0 GPA. Everything that I'm learning in my school right now, I learned it last year! It's easier than cutting butter.

We need to step up and take control; of our lives. Our country where we live . . . the "land of the free." There aren't other countries out there that have freedom like we do. Be thankful. Don't take what you got for granted cause the way things are going right now? We can lose it all like that! Starting with the rise of gas, food, rent, and taxes. But your paycheck won't be going up will it?

Stop listening to the media . . . they aren't truthful. Stop listening to the people [*cough cough* TEACHERS] who tell you what to do. Stop listening to what everyone tell you . . . research and make sure its accurate. People are living their lives full of lies . . . I'm sure you'll find a bunch of those kinds of people in D.C.

I'm 16 years old, and THIS is what I want you to think about.

Things won't always be free.

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