Friday, March 12, 2010

Wanna be or talent?

Lol. Ya, I have been soo lacking on updating all of you on my "crazy" life.

Well, to begin things up, Later today I will be COMPETING TO MY DEPTHS DESIRE

on a Talent Contest held in Palm Harbor. Its a 'just for fun' contest but hey, what the heck! If I'm gonna try to impress people.....offically teens, I'v gotta make a good impression!

I'v gotta hit these things up tonight....

+ Determination

+The ultimate song

+Within the competion a.k.a contest, remember it make look like I'm the one playing but it the finale falls on God. He'll be playing the keys using my fingers.
I do want to win. I think everybody wants to win. But if I have to take compliments instead of the prize, I'll do it. Here's the song I was going to play.....except my 'friend' desided to play it instead. I look at it this way, I actually have the talent. Its called a TALENT. Not a WANNA BE, DESIRED Talent.

I will have to later write a bio on my musical talent.

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